Monday, May 18, 2009

There's no one in town that I know, you gave us some place to go.

I watched The Da Vinci Code yesterday for the first time with Tiffany (one of my room mates). To be honest, I'm really surprised I waited so long to see it since movies like that usually come to interest - I just have to be in the right mood to watch them. Anywho, the point is that it got Tiffany and I on a subject that led far from the movie itself but I'm glad it was brought up.

I met Tiffany last year at a program called Eagle U, which was a self improvment camp type of thing and the most amazing thing I've ever been apart of. She was my "team leader" and some one I immediately began to look up to. Of course, with my participating in Miss Kentucky Teen USA, I was baffled by the fact that she was Miss Washington USA 2006 and was in the pageant the very year Tara Conner won. She's been in Los Angeles now for two years focusing on acting and she's doing a damn good job at it while still managing to be herself. Right now, all of her hard work seems to be paying off and she's recently recieved some great roles that I can't wait to see on screen.

I see a lot of jealousy out here and sometimes I understand why people get so jealous. I can't say I've never been envious of somebody but when you have somebody living out what you want to do before you get a chance, take it as a lesson. You can learn so much from that person if they're willing to help you. Tiffany isn't the only one that has been so great to me out here but she has helped me more than I ever realize sometimes.

Don't be jealous of somebody's success, ask them to help you make your own.
"Great leadership does not mean running away from reality. Sometimes the hard truths might just demoralize the company, but at other times sharing difficulties can inspire people to take action that will make the situation much better." - John Kotter

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